Dodo Bird software page

Software that I coded:

NEW! VTI3 Synthesizer Ha Comapl VST Plugin by Soft-Dodo, control an analog style synthesizer with your voice or MIDI (Currently only MAC OS X).

VTI - Voice To Instrument VST Plugin by Soft-Dodo, control SF2 samples with your voice, or any audio source.

McDodo's Super-Volu remove's the change in volume caused by other VST Plugins. This help to determine the impact they have on sound character, isolated from their effect on volume.

You Are Dreaming (YAD) - Lucid dreaming helper software ( or general text ticker/flasher ) for Windows-XP
Daldom - Cross platform lucid dreaming audio induction software

Windows utility:

UnModal A utitily to enable windows that are currently disabled because of another window, such as an options window. This lets you continue to work on the application while the disabling winodw is still open. Warning: UnModaling can theoretically distablize running applications, use at your own risk