Daldom v.280507 LD Audio induction software by Dodo Bird.

To download go to http://www.sadglad.com
press New Site
press Software
Choose Daldom, and press the download link.
To download the source Code, press here

Daldom is a cross platform audio lucid dream induction software.

1) If you don't have the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) installed, download it from http://java.sun.com/javase/downloads/index.jsp
and install it. If the link doesn't work, go to http://java.sun.com and look for the download of the latest JRE SE edition.
2) Extract the Daldom.zip file somewhere on your computer.

How to Run the software:
After you extracted the Daldom.zip, Enter the Daldom folder, and either run the Daldom.bat file, or double-click on the Daldom.jar file.

How to use:
1) First decide in how many hours you want to wake up for WBTB ( Set the Alarm Delay, usualy 4-6 hours )
The Time display will show the exact time in which the alarm will be heard
* You can use the default sound for the wake up alarm, or enter a wav or aiff file of your own, and you can set the volume of the alarm.
2) Decide how much time after the alarm was heard ( and you woke up) the lucid dream audio induction sound will be heard. ( Set the Alert Delay, usualy about an hour )
The Time display will show the exact time in which the dream alert will be heard.
* You can use the default sound for the dream alert, or enter a wav or aiff file of your own, and you can set the volume of the alarm.
3) Set the frequency of the lucid dream induction alert: How often to you want it to be heard? the default value is every 7 minutes.
4) Use practice mode during the day: When the Practice check box is selected, the lucid dream induction alert will be heard ( with a frequency you set in the previous step ). Each time you hear the alert, you need to do a reality check, so that if you hear it during a dream, you may do a reality check and become lucid. When you use the program at night for an actual LD induction, don't forget to disable the practice mode.
5) Reset WBTB button: Press this if you want to pospone the Dream alerts. For example if you wake up during the night once again, and you want the program to wait until you fall asleep again, you can press this button, and it will wait again the time set in the Alert Delay field.
6) Stop Alarm button: Press this to stop the WBTB wake up alarm after it has started to play.
7) Reset Alarm button: This starts the WBTB delay from the time you pressed the button. For example if you go to sleep at 11PM and the program was already running before hand ( because you used it in Practice mode ), then before you go to sleep press the Reset Alarm button ), and then the program will wake you up after 5 hours ( or whatever time you chose ), in other words at 4AM.
8) Summer Time check box: If you see that the times displayed are offset by one hour, it could be a problem with Java trying to adjust for Daylight saving time. Selecting or unselecting this checkbox will fix this offset.
9) Save button: this simply save the settings that you chose, and they will be loaded automatically next time you run the program.

Have fun dreaming, be nice to animals, and don't forget to dream a little dream of me!